Lyn Reigosa - Energy Healing

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Knoxfield, Glen Waverley

Based in Glen Waverley, Energy Healer Lyn Reigosa offers Raindrop Therapy, Sacred Geometry and Esoteric Acupuncture based on the theories of Dr Sankey.


Rain Drop Therapy


This is a deeply blissful therapy where several high vibrational essential oils are applied firstly to the feet using ancient Tibetan reflex points followed by the same oils being dripped on to the spine and applied with various massage and Vitaflex techniques. The essential oils combine with electrical impulses along the spinal cord to release tension, toxins and imbalances.

Lyn gained level three status last year in Esoteric acupuncture energy healing, Dr Mikio Sankey’s work, and has been using the acupuncture points and sacred geometry in her work for the past three years with often profound results.


Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing

A way to maximise a harmonious existence in this lifetime. A session will take approximately one hour when various acupuncture points are stimulated (not needled) whilst you are lying down and rel axed. Refer to the these links for more information on Dr Sankey and his work. Dr Mikio Sankey’s website and the Australian website.


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