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If you've been looking for answers to a condition that you just can't seem to shift, Kinesiology may help. Kinesiologist, Lyn Reigosa is located in Glen Waverley - call to chat about how she can help you move forward.



Kinesiology addresses the basic wisdom that the body has an innate capacity to heal itself. When our system shows any imbalance there is a blockage to the natural healing process. This blockage, or stress, may be identified as emotional, structural, nutritional or bio-chemical. Sometimes more than one of these factors is involved.

To identify the blockage kinesiologists use the art and science of muscle monitoring where gentle pressure on a muscle will cause it to unlock or change its status when matched with the stressor. E.g. an emotion, hormone, food, allergen, phobia etc. In this way the wisdom of the body directs the therapist to the causal factor which can then be corrected in various ways including Emotional Stress Relief Technique, acupuncture points, Chakra rebalancing, counselling, muscle tonification, flower essence therapy to name a few.

The kinesiology session and the corrections used will depend on the model of Kinesiology in which the therapist is qualified.

As a Holistic Kinesiologist Lyn has several models from which to draw including post graduate courses in Learning Difficulties and Brain Integration for both children and adults.


What can Kinesiology do for you?

Many and varied imbalances can be corrected including things which may have been endured for a long time.


    • Allergies


    • Depression


    • Pain – Back/neck/knee/jaw etc


    • Digestive imbalance – bloating/reflux/gas etc


    • Emotional issues – Fear/anger/timidity/sadness/grief


    • Phobias and fears


    • Goal Setting – Personal best in sport or any arena/motivation/life direction


Facial Balance

Using Kinesiology to work on all the muscles of the face and neck this balance firms and tones the face.

A facial massage using organic facial oil is followed by warm compress towels applied to the face. The water in which the compress towels is soaked includes essential oils and the flower essences which were identified to release emotions which were a factor in tension in the face.

All clients report feeling calmer, more relaxed and looking better.


For more information about how Kinesiology works or to book, call Lyn Reigosa and chat about your needs today.


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